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Tanner Dye Livestock is a distinguished business located throughout the United States. The operations include cattle operations, livestock coordinating, and general consulting.

Tanner was born in Templeton, California. He began his business in the livestock industry at a young age and has become a prominent Central Coast expert in his trade. Tanner was influenced and taught by world class cattlemen who encouraged him to turn his knowledge and talent into a career. Tanner’s work ethic paired with his natural gifts as a cattleman have allowed him the ability to establish one of the premier livestock businesses in California.

Tanner’s extensive knowledge of the cattle and livestock industries, connections with feedlots and ranches across the United States and strong roots in western heritage have allowed him to develop his passions into what is now Tanner Dye Livestock.


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Tanner Dye

Tanner Dye Livestock LLC,
7025 Joaquin way
Creston, California 93422

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